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Skoop Up hopes you’re having a wonderful Michigan summer. Ann Arbor and the mitten shaped state is an awesome playground for summer travel, camping and fun. Travelers coming in and out of the area are very frequent as we’re a popular destination for many tourists. The Great Lakes has so much to offer those who love outdoor activities and you won’t want to miss an opportunity to explore historic sites located in this beautiful area.

Our hometown is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and that’s also near the University of Michigan which is a very popular college attraction for academics and sports fans. Keep Skoop Up Taxi and Limo Service in mind if you ever need of a ride because we’re your on-demand local and reliable taxi and limousine providers. Booking rides with our reservation system is very simple and quick so feel free to do so online at any time and we will reply shortly with your confirmation details. Skoop Up also provides private airport shuttles to and from any Michigan airports. If you would like a ride to DTW, GRR or FNT we’re more than happy to take you, it’s what we love to do best.

Ann Arbor Taxi Services

Take an awesome ride with us today and relax with a little piece of mind knowing the locals have you covered.

If you have any Questions or for Booking inquiries call: 734-780-9122

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